anaïs venturi


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Originally from northern France, a frame of three screenplays, Anaïs Venturi was a tv journalist when she switched to fiction in 2015 with Douai (1962). This 16 mn. historical drama about an unknown part of the French-Algerian war, is selected in 16 festivals.

After two short scripts selected at the Espace Kiosque of the Aubagne Festival (Growing Up, Elderly) she has co-writed and co-directed with Philip Matteaccioli in 2020 B&B 2.0 (in French Boucle d'Or 2.0 ) a 13 mn. family comedy distributed by Origine Films broadcasted on OCS in 2022.

About long feature, the modern melodrama Babybox is developed in Elie G. Abécéra's studio and shortlisted with the FAIA's writing aid in 2018. The thriller A Big Business, developed in writer’s room with Yasmine Louati the following year, is currently coached by Ludovic du Clary at Pictanovo. In 2020, About couple and engine is one of the five projects selected by Fadette Drouard at the Comedy Lab (Lille Cine Comedy Festival) and pitched in front of producers on October 1st.

Member of the board of Sequences7 for 2 years, Anaïs Venturi has been in charge of the selection of short film scripts and a juror at the Montélimar Screen Writing Festival (2019) and the European Cinema Lille Festival (2020). She has also organized, in early 2020, the Master Class of Eric Rochant and Alex Berger around the case of the tv-show The Bureau.